the benefits of tinting your windows

Many car manufacturers recommend getting your vehicle’s windows tinted because of the added benefits. Tinting your car’s windows not only enhances your vehicle’s appearance, but it also protects you and your car from various hazards. Here are 5 benefits of tinting your windows that will enhance your car’s value and safety.

1. Vehicle Interior Protection

One of the benefits of tinting your windows is that it will protect your vehicle’s interior from sun damage. Over time, your car’s seats and detailing can gradually fade from the sun’s powerful rays beating down. Window tints are particularly useful if you have a leather interior, since sun damage can cause leather to fade, crack, and tear much more easily. Tinting your windows lessens the effects of the sun on your interior, preserving its appearance and extending the value of your vehicle.

2. UV Ray Blockage

Not only do window tints protect your vehicle’s interior from the damaging effects of the sun they also protect you from the same thing! High-quality window tints are designed to filter out UV rays, blocking harmful sunlight that can cause aging and skin cancer.

3. Heat Resistance and Energy Efficiency

Not only do high-quality window tints reflect 99% of ultraviolet light, but they also block 80% of infrared light. Infrared light is the sun’s rays that cause the feeling of heat, so the interior of your car stays substantially cooler with window tints as opposed to those without tints. Even on the hottest of summer days, you can enjoy stepping into a cool car with tinted windows.

4. Protection from Shattered Glass

Window tints can also protect you and your passengers from shattered glass in the event of an accident. While tints do not prevent your glass from breaking, they do keep glass from shattering, since the tinting film helps hold the glass pieces together. Many injuries related to car accidents are due to cuts from flying shards of glass. The important safety benefits of window tints include protection for you, your passengers, and even bystanders from wounds due to shattered window or windshield glass.

5. Privacy and Safety

One of the most well-known benefits of window tints is that you and your passengers can enjoy more privacy while driving. This increase in privacy also gives you more safety and security. When your car is parked, individuals can’t spot valuable items and possessions as easily, making your vehicle less of a target for smash-and-grab thieves in passing. Most car thieves will not break into a car unless they’re sure of the payoff.