three signs you should restore your headlights

As car owners, we keep up with maintenance services that keep our vehicles running smoothly, but it’s just as important to care for your vehicles tires, headlights and windshield wipers.

1. Are your headlights are scuffed, scratched, or cracked?

Damage to your headlights is a clear indication that they need to be restored. Rocks, road debris, and minor accidents can damage your headlights and therefore your safety when driving.

Cracks, scratches and dirt build up will only get worse with time. Headlight restoration can prevent moisture and debris from getting inside the headlight, which could prevent you from needing an entire new headlight.

2. Are your headlights dull, cloudy or yellowed?

Headlights are covered with a clear protective coat, but with daily UV exposure, rain and salt exposure this can wear away. Layers of dust, mud and pollution, as well as daily road debris damage, can make your headlight lens appear dull, cloudy and yellowed.

Halogen and other high-intensity headlights operate at very high temperatures. This further contributes to the yellowed, damaged appearance.

3. Is it harder to see at night?

Driving at night and finding it harder to see? While it’s possible you’ve had a change in your vision, this can also be a problem with your headlights.

If you find yourself struggling to see at night, damaged or foggy headlights could be the problem. Functional lights ensure that you have greater visibility at night and help you to remain clearly visible to other drivers when driving in bad weather conditions. Restoring your headlights can help you see well and stay safe on the roads at night.