what do all those lights on your dashboard mean

Have you ever wondered what some of those lights on your dashboard mean? Here's a quick review of which are important and which just need attention sometime soon.

Stop! When you see these lights, safely pull over ASAP. Continuing drive could put your engine-and you- in serious danger

Battery: The battery could cause issues with your car’s electrical system or it could be an alternator problem. Plus, you might have to stop since your car can’t run without battery power.

Check Engine (Flashing): When the check engine light is flashing, the issue may be serious. For example, this could indicate a cylinder is misfiring- which can cause major engine damage.

Engine Temperature: There’s not enough coolant, or the coolant is dangerously hot. Coolant levels should never go down on their own, so missing coolant equals a leak. Remember: Never remove your coolant cap while the engine is hot as the coolant could be boiling.

Oil: Either your oil is running low or there’s a problem with your oil pressure. If oil isn’t getting distributed through your engine, it can quickly cause significant damage.

Slow! When you these lights, it’s usually not necessary to stop immediately but you should drive straight to your mechanic.

Check Engine (Solid): Perhaps the most versatile dashboard light, this could be anything from an in-depth issue to a loose gas cap.

Anti-Lock Brake: While your brakes will still work, be cautious. If you have to slam on the brakes, they could lock up and your car could lose traction.

Tire Pressure: The pressure in at least one of your tires is too low, or even too high. Improperly inflated tires can reduce tractions and increase the change of a blowout.

Bulb Out: Turn signal, headlight, brake light, reverse light - somewhere on your car, a light bulb is out. It may be as simple as replacing a bulb, or there may be a wiring issue.

Airbag: There may be an issue with one of your car’s airbags, or the entire system. Be extra careful as you head to the shop.

Go! These lights are indicators rather than warnings. Some may require attention, but there’s no real risk involved.

Cruise Control: You’ll see this light when your cruise control is active.

Washer Fluid: With no washer fluid, you’ll be stuck with the bugs and pollen on your windshield.

Shift Lock: A reminder to engage the brake in order to start your car or shift gears.

Parking Brake: You can try to go, but you won’t get very far with the parking brake engaged.

Low Fuel: Go, but drive to the nearest gas station. Keep fuel filled about a quarter tank, as low levels can cast the fuel pump to overheat.