It’s the beginning of the New Year which is a time for fresh starts and new projects. People are planning their New Year’s Resolutions - from spending more time with family to joining the local gym. We all have ways in which we want to improve our lives in the upcoming year.

As we look to better our lives and those around us, there is one thing that we often take for granted and may not be thinking about - our vehicle! Our cars & trucks are a part of our family as we drive to school, work, vacation and countless trips to grocery stores.

Here are 5 Car Care Resolutions:

1. Keep the interior clean

Spilled drinks, food crumbs, and mud make a vehicle look and smell bad. Clean out your trash out after every commute. Clean spills promptly before stains and odor set in. Sanitize all of the high-touch areas. Vacuum dirt before it sticks to the carpet & seat fabrics.

2. Wash your car

Don’t wait for someone to write “Clean Me” in the dust on your car or truck window. Automated car washes and light vacuuming are good for maintenance, but every so often your car deserves a nice, deep clean, inside and out. This is especially true if you want to protect your vehicle’s resale value.

3. Learn How to Change a Tire

Every car owner should make the resolution to learn how to change his or her own vehicle’s tire. Calling roadside assistance is great, but what if you don’t have AAA, cell service, or your membership is expired? There might always come a time when you need to know this important skill.

4. Drive Safely

Do NOT text while driving! This is extremely careless. If you must use your phone on the road, use a hands-free device and don’t take any calls during hazardous driving conditions. Don’t write down notes or look up things on your phone while driving. If you must place a call, do so at a red light, stop sign, or parking space. Everyone wants to get home safely. Vow to drive safer this New Year.

5. Learn How to Jump-Start a Vehicle

Even though jump starting a dead battery is very easy to do, too many people rely on AAA or another driver to come to their rescue. Everybody should know how to jump start a dead battery. Not only can you get yourself back on the road, but you can also come to the rescue for someone else. To prevent being stranded on the side of the road, a good car resolution is to learn how to jump start a car. Be extra careful and make sure the jumper cables are connected to the right areas! There is a risk of electrocution.

Red = positive. Black = negative.

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